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About Bill Sahli

Bill Sahli (1957 – Present) was born in Upstate New York, to Italian German parents and grew up in a little Italian neighborhood in East Utica. At the age of 14 he began his career as a competitive bodybuilder, considered what you would call a “hard gainer”… a skinny kid!

Growing up in a power lifting gym guided by a super strong veteran bodybuilder and still close friend, Roger D, his experience provided the knowledge to develop power and perform feats of strength far beyond the norm. Bill idolized Paul Anderson,Chuck Sipes and Franco Columbo, striving to acquire the secrets to their power, which he did.

He’s has successfully competed as an amateur and won local, state and regional shows. His last competition was the 1988 NPC Nationals after which he retired from competition.

Bill still trains as he did 40 years ago, with the intensity and fire well learned in his 4 decades of bodybuilding/powerbuilding experience.

His mentor and friend, Mike Mentzer, greatly influenced his learning curve inspiring him to become both a trainer and author.

Since that time he has trained and coached countless individuals worldwide in his High Intensity Body and Mindset Approach. Bill is considered a top authority on High Intensity Strength Training.

You can listen to a one on one candid interview with Bill Sahli Here 

Being a 40 year veteran X Competitive Bodybuilder, High Intensity Training Coach, Author, Life Coach, Minister and Spiritual Counselor with  4 decades of combined experience, he is well qualified and has authored among others the Mind Becomes Mass Foundational Series.

High Intensity Powerbuilders HOW TO Strength Training Workout
Anyone Can Have Muscles Fast In 20 Minutes Twice A Week
The Dirty Little Secrets To Thinking "BIG" Skills
The Dirty Little Secrets To Building Muscle Quick
The Mind Becomes Mass Foundational Package